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Here are some links I have collected. All of them have something to do with UnAuthorized Type, as can be seen by the explanations for each link. If you are housing my fonts, linking to my site, or using my fonts in any way, tell me, and I will put your link here.

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Multi-Purpose Font Sites started up in January 2001, and includes "only the best" freeware fonts, as well as links to designer's pages and some typography tips as well. Look for more here in the future as well.'s Desktop Publishing Area has a few fonts archived, and 4 of mine are included. Also of interest is the discussion area where questions are answered by users and also the expert moderater. I was impressed.

Archives carrying UA Type Fonts

fontpartyFontParty is a shareware font site you can search by designer or font name. Each font is shown with the designer info is listed beside it. Her desire is to make this THE BEST free- and shareware font archive out there (she's not too far now that TTR has shut down). She plans to do this by adding many more features. I wish her luck!

Font FreakFont Freak - This archive is housing most of my fonts. They have a wide selection of shareware and freeware fonts for your perusal.

Font-A-Sea This may be a small site, but it does a great job of choosing some fonts and creating the graphics to show them off. I like and have almost every one of the fonts (which is rare), and the graphics are superb. Plus, EDB Wild Things and Christian Crosses I are included.

FontsFontsFonts is a searchable directory of fonts that allows you to preview fonts together. While I like the idea, the interface can be be a bit daunting at first. The site is also very austere, lacking many graphics, which probably increases load time.

Astro Fonts by Font Grrl has many fonts on her pages, categorized with a unique style. I have some fonts in a few of the categories.

Font Guy is an indexed site that carries many fonts. He is an "extreme font enthusiast" and is looking for the best way to present the fonts. So there may be frequent changes to the site design. Webgraphix is another great site of fonts. I really like the design of the site. It is very well-laid out, and includes many of my favorite fonts. Take a look.

Fontastic! - This is a great archive of many fonts. I really like the Mega Page. It puts all the fonts put onto one page, and the viewing system for it is pretty cool.

Loaded Fonts includes some of my fonts. More may show up as the designer fills out his collection.

Designs by Sarah has some pretty neat graphics dealing with Paint Shop Pro, and also includes a font archive. Some of my fonts are there.

Font-A-Day is supposed to give out, as the name suggests, a freeware or shareware font every day. My EDB Wild Things font was the font of the day on April 3, 2000.

Font Graphic Sites

AmeriYank's Graphics Place has taken some of my fonts and made them into graphics. She used my Christian Crosses and Alan Den fonts to make graphic sets for web sites, as well as created a for-sale CD of graphics using my Christian crosses font.

24K Free Gold Graphics has used my Christian Crosses font to create a free set of gilded cross graphics which anyone can download. There are many to choose from, and they are well-done.

The Spiritual Mind website and discussion list is a Christian resource center for arts; it also has Christian art of the week. My Christian Crosses were mentioned.

adsec by design has created some graphics with some of my fonts - 3 Prong Tree and CCI. I liked them. Swing by here if you want to know what can be done with fonts - click on the UnAuthorized Type link.

Sites that link to mine

I was listed in Lockergnome as a quality font-maker for my font, Flubber. This publication is sent out to over 110,000 people each week. It's filled with reviews of shareware and freeware, among other things. Check it out!

Mary Forrest's Free Font Fiesta I was impressed by the number of links she had here. UnAuthorized Type is listed among them, and my fonts were once carried as the font of the week.

Scraplink's Scrapbooking and Stamping Links Has loads of links in 11 different categories related to Scrapbooks. Fonts is one of the categories. Have fun!

Weronikah's Freeware Fonts is a new original font page that has some pretty cool designs, as well as a link back to my page. Check it out and tell her what you think about her work. The Web Design Studio lists many links to font pages, although they are not critiqued or talked about in any way. Nonetheless, there are many, and mine is one of them.

Missi's Place is a collection of links that happens to have mine. The page is devoted to Victorian Art, so how I ended up there, I'm not exactly sure.

Kathy Brandt's Graphics and Fonts Page lists many font sites, as well as some other resources.

SpheraWeb is an Italian site that lists many links to font sites. She has some system of organizing, but since I don't know much Italian, I can't figure it out very well.

Font Fairy lists many fonts that you can get for free, as well as providing a link back to the site they came from (something I always love).

Professional Taste is a website that specializes in the printing of Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes, and Raised Print. They have a large collection of font links, and mine is among them.

Awards Received

2nd Place Font of the Year

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