News From UA Type

3.23.2002 -- Sometimes rumors are true, even if they are way ahead of reality. I finally finished the new font drawn by Ed Buri. He asked me not to name it EDB, but only Briaroak Shire. I hope you like it.

9.5.2001 -- School started back up again yesterday for me. I put in a new graphic in the Fonts in Action section, as well as a new link to some graphics using my cross font. Rumor has it that I will soon be working on more EDB fonts. Stay tuned.

8.6.2001 -- I have been informed by AmeriYank that her web store selling my font CD has changed locations. I have updated all the links on the side of the page, but wanted to use this space to give her site another plug. You really should take a look at the graphics she has created with my Christian Crosses font. If you like the font, you are sure to like the graphics as well.

7.7.2001 -- I just uploaded a new version of Kelp Ban. I just did some minor tweaking of the font shapes, and allowed it to be embeddable. If I get industrious, I might do this for more of my fonts.

7.1.2001 -- Were you wondering if I would ever make another font? I was. This one has been sitting on my hard drive half finished for about 8 months now. I hope it was worth the wait, though. I really like it. It's called Kelp Ban - I know it's weird, but I can't help it.

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