UA Type Fonts in Action I love it when people use my fonts for things. People write me all the time to tell that they are using my fonts for church newsletters and things like that. This section is for people that tell me that they are using my fonts. If you provide a graphic or a hard copy to me, I will post it on this page.

Rekindle the FaithThis graphic was created for a Scottish church's Stewardship campaign. This is the cover of the front of the menu for the meal. This graphic utilizes one of the glyphs in the Christian Crosses font. The pastor also sent a watercolor of the church, which makes me want to go to Scotland even more...

One-Stop Fun ShopMy font, Flubber, was put into kid's programs by Humongous Entertainment. Only it was renamed to "Goo Puff" because they wanted to avoid copyright problems. It was included in the 3 different versions of One-Stop Fun Shop (Putt-putt the car, Pajama Sam, and Freddi Fish), one of which you see at the right. It looks like a fun program for kids, and you can get it at their website.

Stained Glass CrossThis is an example of someone using my Christian Crosses Series to make graphics. These are actually my favorites to see in use, since they are Christian people using crosses generally for Christian things. The one shown here is by: AmeriYank. She has even created a CD chock-full of images using my Christian Crosses I font - you can order it from her site.

Dan Singer of Magnet Magic (1-888-MAGNETS) used the EDB Indians font in a promotional mailing for his company.

He produces and distributes post-card size magnets with any image and writing on them as direct mail. He sent a few to me, and they are really neat, especially customized with my name.

Christian Crosses I in action This is the letter "q" from the Christian Crosses font.

The graphic was produced by Beverley Little for her publication "Good News ... for today, " which is a free news magazine with news of all the churches in the Burlington, Ontario area.

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