About UA Type

UnAuthorized Type was formed in April of 1997 with the mission of providing unique free fonts to the world. Since then, I have enjoyed creating many free fonts, ranging from goofy to grunge to cross dingbats.

I am trying to totally commit my life to God. When UA Type was founded, I spent most of my spare time with fonts, and it was taking away from my time with God. I am currently pursuing a happy medium where I spend time with God, and also have time to make fonts. What's great is when I spend time with fonts doing Christian work, such as with the Christian Crosses series. When I was working at the LA Tech Wesley Foundation (a college ministry), one of my responsibilities was creating fliers, where I used my fonts.

Currently, I am in Wilmore, KY, living with my wife, Alisa. Our marriage is wonderful, thanks to the blessings of the Lord. Currently, I am attending Asbury Seminary to get my Master of Divinity. Alisa is waiting on me to finish, and will then take the Master of Arts program in World Missions and Evangelism. We tried to experience Kentucky to its fullest by living and working on a horse farm, but we decided it wasn't going to work. Now we live in a nice little house in a quiet neighborhood in the picturesque town of Wilmore. The whole seminary/Kentucky experience is a dream come true for both of us.

I will be posting some more pictures of us, our life, and anything else I feel like at the bottom of this page later.

Ben and Alisa on their Honeymoon

Sunset at our old Barn

Luau in Hawaii Ben and Alisa at a Luau

E-mail me: UAtype@uatype.faithweb.com